Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 04-04-2019

This policy covers RedScript use of personal information collected when you use RedScript apps, websites and related services we here collectively call ‘Services’.

We cannot do all the things needed to make and run the Services by ourselves so we share information with third parties collectively called our ‘Partners’.

This policy covers:

What data is collect and how it is collect and stored

Data you enter in

You can provide us data though our Services:

Data we get automatically

RedScript and its Partners collect data from its Services automatically from the device, cookies, the service itself or from other Partner services we use. The data can include:

Data from communication

You may provide data to us for support purposes or when contacting us, in email and through social platforms. This helps us communicate with you and sort out issues you may be having. This could be:

How long data is kept for

We will try to get rid of any data we don’t need and if you want us to remove your data, see the what you can do section.

Data, such as save files and your profile, that is needed to run the Service will be held for as long as you need our Services.

Where we can, we aim to keep data for only 26 months unless it is needed to run the Service or if it is needed for “legitimate business interests”. Legitimate business interests means we need it to help with any legal issue that may come up, such as to resolve any issues with our agreements or to provide details of revenue for tax purposes.

What the data is used for

When either ourselves or our Partners use the data, we may group and segment it to make the data more usable. This can be data from different sources and is used to find patterns and trends. To provide great Services to you, we have a legitimate interest to collect and process necessary data.

To improve our Services

We want to make a great product for you and we need data to do that so we may monitor, analyse, profile and segment data to do this. This means we may group data and reference data to see if we can identify patterns. We use this data for things like adjusting and fixing a crash or to show you events based on your location.

We use data to provide support with the Services in terms of issues specific to you, and answer questions you may have.

To make Services more social

We believe some Services need to have social elements. Because of this, we may offer and link to other Partners social features to help you communicate with others.

We may moderate chats either automatically or manually so we may need to monitor the use of the Service and its social features.

Other users will be able to see things you have shared.

To make money

We need money to keep making apps.

We use data to show adverts that are more relevant to you, which pay more because Advertisers show less of them to get customers. As they pay more, we make more money from these targeted adverts meaning we can make more apps and updates, and show less adverts.

We also get revenue from payments and need to store records of transactions.

Communicate with you

We use your data to communicate with you according to your preferences, when we think you may need information about the Services we provide such as support messages and important updates.

What you can do

Child Protection Policy

We do not knowingly keep or use personally identifiable data of children. If you are legally considered a child, do not provide any of your personal data to us.

If we have mistakenly collected any data of a child, we will delete this data as soon as we can, so please let us know by emailing

For parents or guardians, if you want to review or amend your child’s information, ask to have it deleted, and/or refuse to allow any further collection or use of your child’s information, then please send an email to Please be sure to include your email address and a telephone number where we can reach you. To protect your child’s privacy and security, we will take reasonable steps to help verify your identity before granting you access to the information that we collect and maintain about your child.

Access to your data

If you request, we will provide you a copy of your personal data in an electronic format.

You also have the right to correct your data, have your data deleted, object how we use or share your data, and restrict how we use or share your data. You can always withdraw your consent, for example by turning off GPS location sharing in your mobile device settings.

We will respond to all requests within a reasonable timeframe.

Note that if you ask us to remove your personal data, we will retain your data as necessary for our legitimate business interests, such as to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. This may also affect our Services to you, for example, you may not be able to enter any competitions or make any in app purchases.

Please make all requests to

Email Opt-out

If you are receiving e-mails from RedScript (newsletters, special offers, apps release notifications) and would like to later opt out. Please click the unsubscribe link from within the newsletter to remove your email from the newsletter mailing list.


If you have any questions about the practices in this document, or about data protection, or if you want to resolve issues about your personal data please contact us through our apps or by mail or email to


If you are not satisfied with the way your query or complaint is handled by RedScript, please let us know by emailing us at If you are still unhappy, you may refer your complaint to your local data protection regulator. For example, in the United Kingdom this is the Information Commissioner’s Office.